Dino - GT and GTS. Voted Best of Show Stonleigh 2012

Horse power

Pictured in a local field our two lovely girls Charlotte and Fern, a thoroughbred ex race horse and the real horsepower GT and GTS, guess who won!

JH Classics- Deon Mirabeau purchased

JH Classics have recently bought back a superb example of the earlier JH Classics designed - Deon Mirabeau. Built in conjunction with the company and marketed under the Deon logo. Only 32 of these superb V6 convertibles were manufactured, being sold worldwide, giving them an exclusive artistic copyright status. Number 32 is held by the company still to be assembled and is offered for sale now, a complete package of chassis and suspension, engine and gearbox along with components for the build, as well as the full body package with some interior panels and associated components, leaving little for the new owner to source. The price for this package is £18,500.00, a detailed parts list is available on request.

The Mirabeau now owned by the company is undergoing some general service, improvement and refit work and will be offerd for sale at £62,000.00 when this work is completed. Some additional design improvemnets are being added to this exclusive car. Photographs will be added to the website when this work is completed, however enquiries are welcomed now.

A very limited number of the Mirabeau badge sets, is available; including wheel centre badges, steering wheel boss badge, valve dust cover badges, and for the descerning few the 'MIRABEAU' badge. Price per set £154.00 plus P&P.


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One superb pre-owned DGt 306 GTS car is up for grabs, priced to sell. Orders for new turnkey builds is now into late 2019/20, and these cars are now selling in the region of £50,000.00 plus, depending on specification so here is a chance to buy something rather special.

Ferrari Dino GT and GTS reborn with modern performance and reliability

The evolution of one of the most iconic and beautiful cars ever made.

Orders are now being accepted for late 2019.

For over 30 years JH Classics has lead the way for refining, developing and delivering wonderful creative engineering for the Ferrari Dino recreation, culminating in the development and integration of a modern production car platform with superb performance.

The DGt Dino GT and GTS were launched at the Stonleigh Motor Show in 2011, faithful to the Ferrari Dino of the 1970s with classic detail and finishing, it is fitted with the finest DGt Dino engineering including a 3 litre V6 engine, 5-speed manual gearbox and optimised suspension.

The DGt Dino from it’s outset was universally well received and interest was such that full production commenced - and the resulting cars have met with absolute acclaim. A limited number of cars are available each year.

The production car platform is transformed with the new DGt Dino composite bodywork, as-new engine and superbly detailed original aesthetics – such as quad slash back stainless exhaust pipes,

simple door trim and fluted seat fascias. The result exhibits the same outstanding visual impact as the first.

The production car platform is extensively reworked in all the performance, safety and service areas to as-new or better, and carries a guarantee. This formula gives the customer a ‘new’ car but with far greater charm and driver satisfaction. Depreciation is low, service costs inexpensive, and our cars are easy to insure at their full value with our detailed insurance valauation reports.

The DGt Dino V6 engine produces awesome torque. In conjunction with the final weight, the result is a superbly capable and supremely exciting motor car.

The DGt Dino has refined what the original Dino might have become.

Each car is hand-built to the discerning customers specification and choice, each car a testament to the purity of the original design, with the additional benefits of modern day handling, performance, ergonomics, safety and reliability.

Commisioned orders are now being accepted for delivery in late 2019, Home conversions are available during 2018..

  • All the benefits of Toyota's development and reliabilty
  • All the benefits of superb Italian design
  • Inexspensive servicing, parts, repairs and insurance
  • Performance, build quality & functionality of a production car
  • Awesome 3 litre V6 performance Toyota and Lexus
  • Comfort, equipment, ergonomics, safety, practicality and style

"From my very first phone call to JH Classics at Christmas to taking delivery of my gorgeous Dino a few months later, John has been an absolute delight to deal with.

His service ethos has been second to none and he kept me fully informed throughout the build. Taking pride, attention to detail and professionalism are rare traits nowadays, however fortunately for me John has all three qualities.

So if you are thinking of having your car built, I can strongly recommend JH Classics." - Mr Paul Aggarwal