Our History

Our History

John Hurst pictured outside the old Sutton Veny Works, near Warminster, Wiltshire. This lovely old works was the old Guardroom to the Second World War Army camp in Sutton Veny.

The picture was probably taken in 1990/91 and sports one of the first DGt GT cars, note the broken number plate fixings, always a bit of a problem as the cars were very low, great for cornering, not so good for speed bumps!

I bought this old building without planning permission for £5000 plus some land in 1985, my Father thought I was mad and said I should have bought a Ferrari Dino for the same money. On returning from my last Ops tour and on leaving the British Army, I had the building and land valued in early 87 at £47,000, my Father told me it was the best investment I had ever made!


The first DGt, 001 designed and built in 1989, reviewed welcomed to the industry and used as our demonstrator for 18 months. This loveley old DGt was the basis for the sale of the first 24 cars in just three months. Pictured at the test track of the Sutton Veny works.

The Ferrari Rosso Corsa DGt pictured below was our second demonstrator, number two, this superb car was first finished in black to demonstrate the quality of the bodywork, the interior was a fabulous tan leather, and this car was known as 'Delboy' due to the obvious number plate. Powered by a stage 1 tuned 2 litre Lancia engine and a growly Janspeed stainless steel free flow exhaust system, we had some fantastic days out, notably some superb driving demonstrations at the Castle Coombe race circuit over a number of years. Driven by Paul Weldon a renowned classic car racer and owner of the famous Church Green Engineering, also Godfather to one of my sons!  Pictured at our family home in Suffolk.

Le Mans

The Le Mans was an inspired car designed and detailed during a relaxed evening in our cottage by the sea, developed and produced in an ubelievable few weeks and driven to the Stonleigh Show much against the shagran of my Chief Engineer, ex Ferrari Formula 1 race mechanic from the sixties and seventies, Ron White. Revealed to the press and public by my eldest son, George at the ripe old age of 5! The Le Mans, I have always thought, encapulates the design of early race Ferraris and in particular emulates the first Prototype Dino. Only two of these great Dino's were ever built, the first was entered into a classic car rally from London to Italy, but sadly returned as a lump of alluminium and a couple of wheels, due to the proven negligence of the driver, the Honourable Tom Cholmondley, who was not so honourable at paying the bill, also a DGt GT owner, justice prevails as he now languishes in a high security jail in Kenya!

The second Le Mans has been carefully stored in our small barn for many years, first registered in 1989, with only 200 miles on the clock, this car is being brought back to life, a new car, in full order and is offered for sale. Ferrari Rosso Corsa paintwork, black interior, 2 litre twin cam engine with five speed box, a truly great looking car, and a fabulous driving experience, with the unique lightwieght chassis and bodywork, fully track tested and race proven suspension. This car is a small part of motoring history and should be enjoyed by a collector or enthuiast, I have to many cars and have had my fun in this one!

Note; the registration number K300HOT in the photos was added for marketing purposes, the registration number for this car is EHV635V.


DGT & DGT GTS, a superb brace of Dino's, these two car's were the mainstay of the sales with over 200 of these machines being sold around the world. There are many articles and proper roadtest's about these cars, and I think the only main crticism was the pedal box area was quite tight. I remember one Journalist turning up to do a full high speed road test wearing huge 'Pumps', I said you will never drive these cars wearing those! He did, wrote a stunning article after driving the car dry, and is now a leading Car magazine editor. Pictured in the grounds of Hatch court, Somerset.

These cars were developed from scratch, using a superb torsionally stiff multi tubular chassis, strengthened by centre and side, stressed skin laser cut panels. All profiled parts being cut by laser from Cirus Laser in Sussex, with the combined skills of my team we were able to buid the cars with Zero deflection bump steer, with race tuned fully adjustable twin wishbone suspension front and rear, fully adjustable coil over dampers complimented the final ride.

The bodywork was moulded from an original Ferrari Dino 206, slightly different from the 246, the resulting cars being a compromise of styles, and this has been caried forward to the current DGt cars which are more in line now with the 246. The moulds were created by one of the most experienced and renowned GRP specialists, Pat Cuss of Fibreglass Applications, a Master mould maker with a huge heritage from Harrods to Marcos and TVR, and of course JHC!

These cars were track tested at Castle Coombe Race Circuit in Wiltshire, supported by Geoscan Ltd., JH Classics works team and driven by Paul Weldon, a full day resulting in superb geometry and performance settings, envied by many. The current DGt's benefit from the huge resource of Toyota and the track heritage developed over the years, any competition can only sit on the sideliens and wish!



JH Classics Mirabeau, my second attempt at my own design and built at a difficult time for the industry. We launched this car to the Nations Lotus dealers, Lotus had gone into liquidation and we saw the chance to launch the Mirabeau to fill the void, sadly the car was not quite up to the full production standards required, the hood being the major problem as there were very few convertables being built. We sold 32 of these great cars, mostly powered by the 2.9 V6 Ford Cologne engine, although some were built using the Alfa Romeo V6, the Cosworth V6 and the Lancia 2 litre twin cam. I sold the moulds and tooling for the Mirabeau to a German design company in Berlin in 2011. The silver  Mirabeau is pictured at Hatch Court, Somerset. The blue Mirabeau is a superb example of the marque and has been seen around the country at many shows thoughout the years, originally owned by one of our most loyal customers, Ian Fife, who had recently undertaken a full rebuild back to concours condition, Ian had owned this car for over 21 years and now we have bought the car back to join the Hurst private Works collection. The silver Mirabeau is similarly being rebuilt after some 20 years since being built at the Ilton works. We are in touch with many of the original and new owners and continue to suport their requests for help and advice, these guys are a pretty select group of perfomance car owners. Car number 32 is also owned by JH Classics but is in component form, this is offered for sale, so please do enquire.


This was an interesting diversion from our mainstream manufacturing and ongoing development. Following Gulf War 1, I was invited by the SAS due to ealrier military involvement to attend a Range day down at Lulworth Camp, Dorset. The boy's had a couple of LSV's which were used for Airhead close protection, originally purchased for frontline operations, reliability was appalling and they were restricted to being used as 'Go Carts' around the Airhead. Later they were handed over to 24 Airmobile Brigade based in Colchester, Essex. I was tasked to design a purpose built vehicle for a specific long range role, with heavy weapons capability, and long range reliabilty, a rewarding challenge with great support from Hereford. The prototype pictured above, and being driven by 'Trooper Hurst', who loved sitting in the Commanders seat for some reason, for hours, was sold to the Dunsfold Land Rover Collection. That vehicle was exhibited at the British Army Equipment Exhibition, and trialled by the Ghurkas. It was equipped with GPMG, 40 mm Grenade launcher, and could carry up to 12 Milan Anti Tank missiles, Land Rover based but with a multi tubular spaceframe and Fire retardent GRP bodywork, it certainly turned a few heads on the weekly shopping run at Sainsbury's!

Current DGt

The current DGt which has been in production since 2011 has benefited from an ongoing development programme, with great input from our customers. Each car is based on a high quality Toyota MR2, bought in good fully serviceable condition with no compromise. The cars are then converted to a 3 litre V6, and reworked in all service areas to a 'as new' condition. We and the customer detail the specification and the car enter's production.

The huge benefit of these newly recreated Dino's is the basis from which they emerge from our workshops, they are production quality cars, with many of the modern day features including ABS, power steering and central remote locking, but above all these are track proven beast's that you the new owner can realy enjoy, everyday, my wife shops in one and does the school run regularly, people just love to see them and if they can catch you, have a chat!

We have a superb group of craftsmen with long histories in the skills we require, we are loyal to our suppliers as they are to us, and our great customers, the result is a very happy enjoyable team of people that create and enjoy these super new Dino's.

The dashboard on this car has three air vents, peculiar only to the Ferrari Dino with airconditioning, something I learnt at the amazing Essen Classic car show, and so our aircon spec cars are also fitted with this design feature, sporting Dinogt logo's, you never know it all.

The blue Dino featured here is 025, and the owner of this car also owns two classic Ferrari's, well actually three, almost.


The Fastback Dino, is number three in the JH personal design camp. It is a Dino, it has a longer back,  a track built heritage with performance to match, and the Fastback engine cover, plus a lot more. We will only build ten of these super cars. They will not appeal to all, many, I am proud to say would prefer our recreations of the Dino GT and GTS, however there may be just nine people out there who think, 'that's different', and off we go into a fantastic world of limited production masterpieces, built for History, a new one!

V6 3 litre power, track tested suspension, beautiful crafted interiors, special design features and personal enhancement to suit the discerning owner. The FASTBACK badge is a statement in itself and we have only made twenty of these, two per car.