The DGt 306 GT and GTS are both powered by a Toyota/Lexus V6 3.0L 24v Quad Cam engine using either the 1MZ or 3VZ,and the later more powerfull Lexus V6 engines, the DGt 306 provides brutal performance, fantastic sound, acceleration and top speed… leaving any original Dino or earlier DGt standing at the lights!

An extensive range of options are available for the DGt 306, including a comprehensive interior package and numerous special features, many are featured in the Gallery photos. Each Dino built to the discerning customers requirements.

The detail of the DGt is listed in the indivdual pages, click on the cars to read more. Options are detailed at the bottom of the page, customers can also add their own special requirements. Two of our Dino's are fitted with detachable tow bars, for towing an Italian pod caravan, and the other a vintage racing catamaran!

The price includes the purchase and collection of the BUC MR2 (UK mainland), conversion to the V6 3 litre engine and all related work, the mid life service packge is additional as the cost will vary per car. The cost also includes labour to convert the Dino, painting and other ancillary work. Reregistration of the car with DVLA is carried out FOC for all UK based cars.

We offer three model styles, the ‘GT’ (hard top) with rear quarterlight window, the ‘GTS’ with rear vented quarter section and the two part stowable targa roof panels, our most popular model, and the GT Fastback (photos not available yet as the car is being painted) a race bread low drag Dino.

All cars are built to order, with a large range of colour and interior options.

Only nine more of the Fastback GT cars will be built.

Left hand drive conversions are available. The body panels are similar, however there is an additional cost regarding the front end and for some of the interior elements extra work is required. We are able to source and import LHD cars for conversion.

We can arrange collection and delivery using our trailer and car service, this applies to UK and Europe. Cost is charged at a standard day rate, plus fuel (LPG), ferry & tolls. Full comprehensive insurance is supplied for this service.