Home Conversions

About Our Conversion Packages

The Home Conversion packages have been reviewed and changed to meet the requirements of the majority of buyers.

Fully detailed parts lists are available for Home Conversions.

The assembly of the DGt is straightforward and they have been carefully engineered to allow a full build to be completed within approximately twelve weeks without specialist skills or equipment. A detailed Build manual with lots of assembly photos is available. Please do not ask for the Manual for free, it is insulting!

A limited options list exists. Cars can be painted in any colour, internal trim colours are based on our standard range, however most requirements can be met subject to availability and cost.


Home Package Specification

The standard home conversion package with the supporting packages will convert the car into a GT or GTS. These cars are not basic kits, these are production quality cars with superb performance delivered through track tested production and race proven performance. The DGt is not subject to IVA testing, an expensive and troublesome process, they do not require the removal and re-fitting of certain components in order to comply, we are fully legal from the outset.

The DGt enjoys the benefit of many original design features such as, recessed headlights, headlamp fairings, race developed front under valance, original door openers, rear light rims, all lights, windscreen wiper set up, as per reworked originals, the clap action being problermatic and unreliable, fully tested and compliant rear screen and chrome surround, original seats that we supply to owners and restorers, slash back exhaust sytsems, as per the original cars, standard and full grab bumpers, body mounted number plate light option, unique Cromodora style wheels with the 5 stud original pattern, available in either 14" or 16" rims, the 16" rims are now being fitted to rebuilt originals by preference due to better tyre options. Dashboard items such as heater control levers and stickers, switches and switch knobs, electric window switches, chrome ashtrays, H gate and gear knobs. The list goes on, which is why so many discerning customers have chosen the DGt for over 30 years, production quality cars, handbuilt, track tested and superb reliaibilty and safety built in to one of the most fantastic looking cars in the World.