Charlie 3 - Grand Tour V8 automatic with LPG 110 SOV

Charlie 3 - Grand Tour 110 V8 automatic with LPG

Charlie 3: - Designed for long range cruising both in GB and Europe with LPG conversion particularly for European Tour travel in mind. V8 with automatic gearbox. Fully equipped for four crew, with comfort in mind. Side awning and net shade protection panel, electric cold box, equiped pic nic hamper, dining table and field chairs. Kinetic energy extraction tow rope, purpose built and refined air induction system allowing for deep wading and clean air in desert conditions.

Two front wing mounted rifle holsters carrying four umbrellas.

Desert Sand paint finish with grey leather piped in black interior.

The first of the SOV's to be manufactured, this SOV will be available in early 2022, orders are now being accepted, see SOV for sale page.

Please inquire for fully detailed specification and pricing.

See Alpha 1 for interior specifications

  • See Alpha 1 for interior specifications, with options available